Interesting articles and news broadcasts from various Danish media about Skarø ice cream, sorted by date.


Sustainable ice production on Skarø

Author: Unknown

" It pays to spend money on green solutions if you are a small Funen company. A family-owned Skarø ice cream has proven this "

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Ice cold success from the South Funen Archipelago: Skarø Ice gets its own ice cream café in Paris.

Author: Christian Nordholt

" Although the ice cream is now also to be sold in Paris and is already sold to seven different countries besides Denmark, it continues to be sold here from the farm. "

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Ice from Skarø on the wings of the new Airbus

Author: Michael Thorbjørnsen

" In 2011, Skarø Is delivered ice for the first time to the passengers on board the aircraft from Singapore Airlines, and the local ice producer is still in the air. A new variant from Skarø Is will thus fly with the company's hero new Airbus 350-900, which is among the world's most modern, exclusive and environmentally conscious aircraft. "

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First defeated the nausea: Now Skarø-ice must prevent premature births

Author: Mie Flyttov

" Can a specially made ice cream prevent premature births? OUH must investigate this with the help of Skarø Is. "

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Large Danish festival is completely organic: We want to make a difference

Author: Rasmus Willesen

" One of the many organic producers who opened the door to the festival goers was the small family business Is Fra Skarø, which - not surprisingly - produces ice cream from the small island Skarø in the South Funen archipelago. "

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In the South Funen Archipelago, they make birch sap ice cream for cancer patients

Author: Johanne Ramskov Erichsen

" On Skarø, they make ice cream, which removes the nausea in cancer patients and pregnant women, but which is also served on the plane at Singapore Airlines. "

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Dairy stories and tales from the South Funen Archipelago

Author: fhv. Superintendent J.M. Book Kristensen.

" However, the milk has not completely left Skarø, which today is famous for the Skarø ice cream developed by Martin Jørgensen from the company Biosynergy. "

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Martin sells to the whole world: Hard work created an ice cream producer on Skarø

Author: Rasmus Hage Dalland

" On Skarø, Martin Jørgensen started developing a restorative drink for cancer patients based on birch sap. To preserve the juice, he had to freeze it. "

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The Kvalmedræber ice cream from Skarø hits the shelves

Author: Unknown

" The ice cream manufacturer calls the ice cream a functional food. This is what they have made before, when they made ice cream for cancer patients. In addition, a Norwegian obstetrician asked if Skarø would not make ice cream for pregnant women. "

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Ice cream from Skarø - the natural ice cream with the original good taste

Author: Unknown

" Ice cream from Skarø is not only known for producing ice cream from good local ingredients, but also for taking new paths and experimenting with nature's many flavor nuances. "

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We are saved: Anti-nausea ice cream for pregnant women overturns Facebook

Author: Jeppe Lykke Hansen

" Current, former and future mothers have given a new nausea-relieving ice cream from Skarø an overwhelming reception. "

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A world news from South Funen to cure pregnancy nausea

Author: Signe Kjær Lindboe

" Pregnancy nausea is a frequent condition that affects up to 90 percent of pregnant women. Today, Skarø ice cream launches a new Mother-child Ice Cream that is specially adapted for women with pregnancy nausea. The ice cream is added special proteins, fibers and lactic acid bacteria, which together should relieve nausea in the pregnant woman. "

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Ice from Skarø stands for export adventure

Author: Jeppe Lykke Hansen

" Danish exports of organic are booming, and one of the places it can be felt is on the Funen island of Skarø. Here, the organic Skarø Ice Cream, which is made with birch sap and sugar seaweed, has gained customers all over world. "

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Ice from Skarø to Singapore

Posted by: Tv2 Fyn

" Singapore Airlines loves Skarø ice. With 17.5 million passengers annually, Singapore Airlines is one of the world's largest airlines."

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Ice cream from Skarø - NorthSide ice cream is quality with taste

Author: Freja Dumont

" In the South Funen archipelago lies the small island Skarø. It has 30 inhabitants and is known for one thing: Skarøis. The ice cream is organic and made from, among other things, birch sap and sugar seaweed. "

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The impossible succeeds for ice mini-put on Skarø

Author: Sille Wulff Mortensen

" The production, which initially took place out in the utility room, has gradually grown to include containers in the backyard, and it is far from enough to match the demand. "

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Export success: Skarø Ice flies to Singapore

Author: Jens J. Eriksen

" Skarø: Skarø Ice Cream is evolving into a real export success. From 1 July, a flight with Singapore Airlines can be combined with an ice cream from Skarø, when the company starts delivering ice cream to it. worldwide carrier. "

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Skarø ice cream bets on ice cream for the health sector

Author: Unknown

" Skarø Ice in the South Funen Archipelago has further developed its ice cream based on birch sap, and developed a series of ice creams for the health sector. "

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Ice producer in a peripheral area


" Homemade ice cream was tasted and the challenges of running a business from one of the region's small islands were told when the chairman of Vækstforum, Carl Holst (V), and director for Regional Development in the Region of Southern Denmark, Mikkel Hemmingsen, on Friday 27 February 2009 was with Force Technologies Innovation Agents on a company visit to Skarø. "

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The queen must taste ice cream and in church

Author: Bjarne Gregersen

" The regent couple will then visit Martin Jørgensen and Britta Tarp, who run the café Tante Sofie and produce Skarø Is. "

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The good ice cream is from Skarø

Author: Bent Warncke

" Birch juice and organic fruit and real cream are the secret behind Britta Tarp's success. "

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