The delicious dessert ready to serve for everyday or party. The organic ice cream cake contains 2.2 liters of ice and is intended for approx. 14 envelopes. It comes in a thermo box so it can stay frozen for up to 2 hours.

Islagkager til fest, økologisk islagkage pyntet med røde roser og hjerter


Ice cream cakes are taken out of the freezer approx. 1-1½ hours before serving. Leave the ice cream cake in the thermo box, or take it out of the thermo box and place it in the fridge. The ice cream cake is in a thermo box of 40 cm x 30 cm and 16.5 cm in height.

We also offer to make a personal organic ice cream cake for your party, and you have the opportunity to choose up to three types of ice cream / sorbet, from the ice cream varieties we make.

The ice cream cake cannot withstand temperature fluctuations as ice crystals form in the ice. Whether it's an ice cream cake for a party or everyday, we do not recommend putting a thawed ice cream cake back in the freezer.

Order ice cream cake from us

Ice cream cake must be ordered at least 2 weeks before collection / delivery.

Ordered ice cream cakes can be picked up in Svendborg or delivered throughout the country by frost truck for a delivery surcharge.

Price: DKK 55 per envelope.

Special decoration: DKK 250 per ice cream cake.

Call 29291520 for info and booking.